Short Stories For Kids Printable: The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker

This is a short story adapted from a A Legend of the Northland by Phoebe Cary. This story tells how an old woman transform to a woodpecker. The short story of The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker is very good to be told to young children. The goal is to form their personality and knowledge optimally. These short stories for children can also be printed as learning materials.

Short Stories For Kids

The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker

A far distance in the Northland, where the cold weather days are so short and the evenings so long, and where they outfit the reindeer to sledges, and where the kids resemble bear's whelps in their entertaining, hairy garments, there, some time in the past, meandered a decent Saint on the frigid streets. 

He came one day to the entryway of a house, and glancing in saw a little elderly person making cakes, and preparing them on the hearth. 

Presently, the great Saint was weak with fasting, and he inquired as to whether she would give him one little cake wherewith to remain his craving. 

So the little elderly person made a very small cake and put it on the hearth - yet as it lay heating she took a gander at it and thought, "That is a major cake, for sure, too huge for me to part with." 

At that point she worked another cake, a lot more modest, and laid that on the hearth to cook, however when she turned it over it looked bigger than the first. 

So she took a minuscule piece of batter, and turned it out, and turned it out, and heated it as meager as a wafer - yet when it was done it looked so huge that she was unable to bear to leave behind it - and she said, "My cakes are excessively huge to part with," and she put them on the rack. 

At that point the great Saint became irate, for he was ravenous and faint. "You are too childish to even consider having a human structure," said he. "You are too insatiable to even think about meriting food, cover, and a warm fire. All things considered, from this time forward, you will work as the winged animals do, and get your sparse living by getting nuts and berries and by exhausting, exhausting all the day long, in the bark of trees." 

Scarcely had the great Saint said this when the little elderly person went directly up the chimney stack, and came out at the top changed into a red-headed woodpecker with coal-dark quills. 

Also, presently every guy from the sticks may see her in the forested areas, where she lives in trees exhausting, exhausting, exhausting for her food.

Moral of The Story

Through this short story of The Old Woman Who Became a Woodpecker, we can take a moral message that "In the human heart there is a feeling of dissatisfaction (lust). It was a desire to get more and better than what we have got today. we must be able to restrain that lust".

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